1908 Coal Mine Map


Alabama Coal Operators Association (1908)

The Alabama Coal Operators Association was a trade group that operated for many years in the Birmingham District.  This is one of the associations maps.


This map is from the University of Alabama Map Archive web site.  It is of interest because it shows mine locations, and in many cases, multiple mines by number at a particular site.  It is useful in showing the names of the operators that were active in the District in 1908.  In this time period, there were many older mines that were still operating, and many "newer" mines that had opened to operate into future years.  Also, the Cane Creek Branch of the L&N was open in 1908 and much of the new development on that line is in place.


You may navigate this map in detail by clicking on an area of the map above.  Once at a particular map segment, you may navigate in any direction, as well as returning to this map.  The map is segmented 7 units wide, and 6 tall. 


The list of operators shown at the bottom of the map may be opened in a separate window and you may scroll up and down.  The operators are keyed to the map by a number -- some operators may have had multiple locations.   With each operator is listed the production tonnage for year 1907.  The total at the bottom of the list is impressive.


(Note:  You will need to enlarge the image of the list, and should hover your mouse over the image until the "enlarge" icon appears, then click on it.)  The list is alphabetical.


If you want even more detail, you may go to the UA map archive and navigate there as needed.  Another good resource at the archive is this link showing mining towns in a simpler map.


Major Coal Mining Towns in the Birmingham District 1900-1920


For a list of mines and related data for the Birmingham District, estimated to be about 1920, provided by Mr. Ted McCormack, Click Here.

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