This wonderful picture was provided by Marv Clemons.  It shows construction in progress on the grade separation at the 14th underpass site, and continuing east to 18th Street.  (It is possible that this was taken by the 106th Reconnaissance Squadron in Birmingham.)

Retaining walls are being built from east of 14th to 18th streets on both sides of the railroad mainlines.  The 22nd Street viaduct appears to be complete, and the "white" color indicates new concrete.  The viaducts at 21st and 24th Streets were built earlier although their elevations were already planned to accomodate the competed project which had been developed some years earler by City Engineer Hawkins.

In this image the Birmingham L&N Station has not been altered yet, nor has the grade change begun east of 18th Street.  This was a complex project that was built in many stages in order to keep the mainline tracks in service and in particular to keep L&N Station in service.

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