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One of Birmingham's Model Rail groups with modular HO operations as well as individual layouts.

McKeesport Model Railroad Club

From the steel belt, a great club layout

Pittsburgh and West Virginia RR

Steel mill modeling and prototype operations

Jules Heiliczer's layout

A great layout by "steel man jules" also featured on You Tube.

Bob O'Neals Page

A great job on a layout featuring steel mill modeling and details of steel making.  A very interesting web view of a great layout.

AISI Learning Center
The American Iron and Steel Institute's Learning Center.  Reading material and some great graphics you will like.  This  will help explain what all this technology is about and how the pieces fit.

Alabama Central Railroad

A site about the Alabama Central Railroad out of Jasper, AL in Walker  County hauling timber and coal.


American Rails

Adam Burns'  family oriented website about American Railroading


Birmingham Rewound

Be "vewwy, vewwy cawrful" about "non-railroad" links on this web site.  But since we are about Birmingham and Russell Wells Birmingham Rewound is as well, it may be OK.  Good site for sure.

The Wrecking Crew
Birmingham area model rail club.
Steel City Division - NMRA
Birmingham area chapter of the National Model Railroad Association.  
NC&StL Preservation Society Inc
OK -- Not from Birmingham, but operated in Alabama.  These folks have a good project, and personal favorite of mine!
Friends of the Railroad District
Celebrate Birmingham's railroad heritage and plan for downtown improvements
Sloss Furnace Landmark
Birmingham's blast furnace museum
Birmingham Historical Society
Another great source of local history
National Register -- Jefferson County, AL
Information on buildings and other items
Redstone Model RR Club
Huntsville based group with a very good newsletter covering a broad range of topics including local history.
Dale's Alabama Rail Pics
Good site, well done, and lot's of contemporary railroad pictures
Craig's Model Railroad
Craig Gardener's model railroad site.  Nice freelanced contemporary layout located in the Birmingham area with southeast/coal theme.
Chuck's Railroads of Southwest Missouri
Photography and Railfan Page
For Frisco Fans and other Fanatic Ferroequinologists...
Nice web site.
Shelby Co. Site of ALGenWeb
Nice historical and genealogical site of local interest
Shelby Ironworks, Shelby Co., AL
One of the historical sites around Birmingham
Brierfield Iron Furnace
One of the historical sites around Birmingham

Tannehill Ironworks, Jefferson Co., AL


Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama

A great historical site and park.  Fun to visit.  Stone furnace has been rebuilt and was actually in blast several years ago.

Dora Mining Museaum


Aldrich Mining Museum

Mine Safety & Health Administration's link to these local museums which do not have their own web sites.
ACL & SAL Historical Society
Includes information on the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast RR on of the "fallen flags" that served Birmingham.  Thanks to Larry Goolsby, one of the officers for the link tip.
Peach Creek Shops
Check out the "Steel Mill Project and Kits" portion of this hobby shop web site.
The Iron Belt
This website contains images of a model steel mill.
Columbia River Steel Corporation
From Peach Tree Shops:  Model RR web site with on-line "heavy steel" model project that you might enjoy.
The Railroad Industries Special Interest Group
An independent, non-profit group focused on industrial railroading, affiliated with the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) -- Check out the links for great models.
Virtual Museum of Coal Mining in Western Penna.
Ok, it's not Birmingham, but a very interesting web site about coal mining.  I found some of my ancestors here.
Hudson Model RR Club
Nice model railroad organization in the steel mill business
Birmingham Terminal Division Layout
Ken McElreath's very interesting layout highlighting the Birmingham industrial heritage, and located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Alabama Rail Directory

Alabama Rail Plan Update

These are good current resources from the Alabama Dept. of Transportation's Multi Modal Bureau.  This page contains links enabling one to download these and save them for reference.  (Large files take time.)

Sadly, Alex Nuckols recently passed away in Birmingham, AL.  He was a good friend and a wonderful historical investigator and resource.  He will be greatly missed.  [8/30/08, Birmingham Rails]

Alabama Ironworks Source Book

A digital reference library produced by the Alabama Historic Ironworks Commission in cooperation with The Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama

USGS Photo Library 

The USGS (US Geological Survey) photo library.  Go and search by Alabama or by Birmingham -- you will find some good pictures.


Society for Industrial Archeology

This is a great organization of folks that likely share your interests -- you can join and support this important work of emphasizing our industrial heritage.


Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

Located in Birmingham, this park includes mine and quarry sites as well as some old ruins.  A great way to spend a day outside.

Little River Railroad
This is a museum project in Townsend, TN, in the Smokey's. It's a good website and preservation project.

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