Pratt Coal Mines

Continuing out along the Pratt railroad, the KCM&B tracks bear away to the left, and the Pratt tracks continue to Pratt Mines, or Pratt City as it became known.  This is Grieg's 1889 map of Jefferson County (UA Map Archives), and it shows that there were already a Shaft No. 1, Slope No. 1, 2 and 3.


It also shows that the TCI & RR Co. already had their own railroad serving the iron works at Ensley Furnaces.


Note too, that there is also an Ensley Dummy Line built between Birmingham and Ensley.


So, in a few short years following the opening of the Pratt Mines, there is growth and there is industry.  By 1892, maps no longer show the Pratt railroad, instead they show the TCI & RR line.



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