Located north of Birmingham, Sayreton [Sayerton] was developed by the Pioneer Mining and Manufacturing Company, which later became Republic Iron and Steel Corporation.  This map shows the Sayreton area on 1906, from the UA Map Archives.

Recently I attended the Sayreton town reunion held each year at the Gardendale Community Center.  This event is well attended with a 2004 crowd of about 100 folks.  A highlight of this event for me was a framed picture of the Sayreton Commissary by Mr. J. B. Salter.


Sayreton folks are examining the image in this photo taken in April, 2004.  The artist is at the left.  This image is shown below.


Mr. Salter indicated that each of the characters shown in the picture were real local folks, and each was remembered for certain habits.


The names at the bottom of the picture were all the folks that attended the reunion the year the picture was presented.

Mr. James Garrett offered that the large building was the commissary, the middle building was the engineering office, and the building on the right was the dispensary.  Mr. Garrett indicated that his father was a manager for the mine operation at Sayreton, as an employee of Republic Iron and Steel Company.

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