Amtrak to Birmingham

It was raining, the interstate was crowded and the U-Haul truck I was driving was very noisy.  The air conditioner didn't work.  I was moving my youngest son to Atlanta in June, 2004.

After the moving was completed, and pizza was purchased for two sons and their apartment mates, their tired father slept on the couch.  The next day, I was going to take Amtrak back home to Birmingham!

Amtrak provides 1 train each day, No. 19 westbound, departing Atlanta at 9:18 am, and No. 20 Eastbound, serving Birmingham.  In Atlanta, the Brookwood station, an old "suburban" station is actually a nice facility.  The day I rode the train, the station was busy and crowded.  But, with a prepurchased ticket, picked up the night before, and no luggage to check, I was able to walk in and go to the train.

Amtrak operates on Norfolk Southern track from Atlanta to Birmingham, and utilizes what is left of the L&N station in Birmingham.

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