Woodward's Pyne Mine

The Pyne Mine site was located east of Red Mountain in the Shades Valley.  Slope mines on the northwest face of Red Mountain sloped steeply, about 30 degrees, downward to the southeast.  There were very few deep shaft mines for iron ore in the District.

In 1918 Woodward began construction of the vertical shaft Pyne Mine, which reached iron ore about 1200 feet below ground.  This mine was operated for a period of years, closed, and reopened for demand in WW II.  It closed about 1972.

This picture shows the headframe structure that supported the hoisting cable, which passed over the large pulley at the top to a hoist house to the right.


Pyne Mine -- Deepest shaft mine in the Birmingham District

HAER, ALA,37-BES.V,9-1 (cropped)



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