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Southern Chapter Field Trip, March 6, 2010

The Chapter took a field trip to Ruffner Mountain Mine sites

Our tour guide for the trip was Marty Schulman, a man of many talents.  Marty was assisted by Bob Yuill who has also done extensive research and field mapping at Ruffner.  Ruffner Mountain is a part of Red Mountain, and was mined for iron ore as well as limestone.  The Historic American Building Survey - Historic American Engineering Record (HABS HAER) project has done some documenting of Ruffner, and there is information posted on the Library of Congress website under HABS HAER.  Some of this material is presented below as noted.

We "walked in" to the mine sites along the former L&N Mineral Branch roadbed. Chris Burch, visiting from the UK, talks with visitor Marv Clemons, Chairman of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society
Most of our group along the trail from the crusher site.
Some of the group stayed after lunch and went into the #1 mine, 1st left heading Marty Schulman "crushing rocks" (symbolically) atop the great crusher
HABS HAER page on Ruffner #1 from Library of Congress

HABS HAER Summary History from Library of Congress

[Note that one footnote refers to Yuill !]

HABS HAER page on Ruffner #2 from Library of Congress

Schulman Handout of Ruffner #2 Site

1941 Aerial View of Ruffner #2 Complex from NCRS

1941 Aerial Image of Ruffner Area from NCRS

Marty paints faces, including his own, with red "dye rock" from locale iron ore 

(Can you sing "I don't wanna grow up...")

January 2010 field trip to Sloss Furnace Historic Landmark

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