Model Coke Ovens

These are beehive style ovens are are generally the oldest type used in the Birmingham District.  At one time there were many of these in the District. 

These are made by Railstuff.

Later development of coke ovens led to the "battery" style shown here.  These are basically beehive ovens lined up side by side and supported by stone retaining walls.  The inside still has the beehive shape.

These were loaded or "charged" from the top and unloaded by raking the hot coke from the side door as indicated here.  These are made by Railstuff, see above link.

As the need to control smoke and increase efficiency led to new developments, more modern coke oven configurations developed.

There were several of these plants located in the Birmingham District, and two are still operating at Sloss and at ABC.

One of the "cold" plants of this type is located at Thomas, near Ensley, in Birmingham.

This is a Cornerstone model from Walthers.

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Model Coke Ovens


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