Newcastle Coal Mines

Locations over the Years

From J D Weeks, by email, May 31, 2004:

...the Mine near the post office was No. 6. It was on the hill behind the New Castle United Methodist Church and that is a vacant area there with wooded area next to it. The intersection is Mulberry Drive and New Castle Road.

Ray Thomas, who worked at the No. 2 mine showed me the location of the coke ovens, mine shaft, and the remains of the bath house just south of there. I remember that mine from when my Dad took me to Black Creek to put out minnow traps in about 1946 or there-abouts.


Ray Thomas knows a lot about the layout. I am attaching a picture of him when I was driving him around the last time. He lives (nearby).


He said that Willow Street was the old railroad bed...


Behind him is the site of Mine No. 5.  Directly behind the New Castle Missionary Baptist Church on Willow Drive...


Mitzi LaRue, who lives in the old McCormack house, says that her uncle told her :


  • No. 3 was near Fultondale High School,

  • No. 4 was near the intersection of New Castle Road and Tarrant Road, and that

  • No. 5 is about a half mile from her house on the (north side) of the railroad tracks.


The site of the old railroad station was by the intersection of McCormack Road and New Castle Road


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