Birmingham Rails
The Beginning

Industrial Archaeology

(Updated 08/10)

City History
The Magic City

(Updated 8/6/10)

Report to the Governor
Milner's 1858 Plan

Amtrak to B'ham
Great Ride Home

Alice Furnace
First Basic Iron

(Rev. 7/23/06)

B'ham Industries
Bullish in 1885

Birmingham Belt

Taking it to the Streets

(New 8/16/13)

Classic Trains

Final Fires

(New 8/5/06)

Bradford, AL

Field Trip

Brock's Gap
Gateway to Birmingham

(Rev. 8/12/06)

Lehigh Mines

Blount Business

(New 7/29/06)

1911 Mine Stats

Coal Mining Data

(New 3/21/10)

Coal Mine Map

1908 Operators

Downtown 1904

Lots of Growth

Downtown Trains
Traffic Trouble

Family Tree
Big Companies

Railroad Reservation
Heart of the City

1935 Rail Map
Southeast Rail Center

Cahaba Mines

Early Coal Mining

(Rev. 7/23/06)

Oxmoor Furnace

Things Go Better with Coke!

(Rev. 2/6/07)

Pratt Mines

The Next Step

Henderson Steel

The First in B'ham


Tennessee Co.

(Rev. 8/16/13)

Woodward Ind. RR
History Explored

(Rev. 6/10/06)

Raimund Ore Mines

Sloss Furnace
Iron Monument

Mary Lee Ind. RR

History Explored

(Rev. 7/14/07)

Newcastle Mines

One of the First

Sayreton Mine

Pioneer Site

Cane Cr. Branch

L&N to the Mines

(Rev. 7/31/06)

Bankhead Mine
Walker Co. Coal

Alabama Central
Marigold & Sunlight

Iron and Steel
Still Going, For Now

Coke Ovens

Coal Cooking

McElwain Furnace


Cast Iron Pipe

Pipe R Us

Marvel, AL

A Mining Town

(Rev. 10/10/10)

Legend of John Henry
W Va or Alabama?

Model Railroading
Lots of Opportunities

(Updated 8/7/10)

Vulcan Trail
Walk Where Ore Trains Ran

Steam Locos

Otto Perry

Birmingham Southern RR
Railfan's Delight

Steam Excursions
Blast From the Past

Railroad Info
 Who Was Whom

Historical Maps

Great Link

Birmingham Public Library

Got Books?

Links Page
Ties that Bind

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